I tried several times today to get into the Hair Fair, with no luck. So, I decided to go to a place where the crowds are gone – SL8B, the Birthday Celebration – for one final look before these amazing creations become just a memory.

I highly recommend that you click on a tour pod when one passes you for a guided tour of SL8B. There is a small commentary as you go along, telling you a bit about the exhibits you pass. There are two tours available, one touring the western exhibits, the other the eastern exhibits, and each lasts around 30 minutes.

When something catches your eye, like this exhibit – A Walk in a Dream – hop off and explore. You can find me somewhere in the middle of this dream.

Or stop here and become part of the Evolution Theory exhibit. Then, pick up a free copy of the Evolution Theory to take home (from the big blue sign in the background).

Or how about a pink and purple and fun all over exhibit? Check out this link – TOGETHER – The Magic of Second Life.

So, if you can’t get in to the Hair Fair right now, do something fun while you wait. Go see the exhibits at SL8B. You have three days before they disappear forever.

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or is it?

The performers are gone, the stages are empty. The crowds have gone home. But the exhibits are still standing tall and proud, and will be until July 5th. Now, is the perfect time to visit and explore.

Where to start? With Kirsten’s Viewer exhibit, of course.

The exhibit is a fascinating description of how your Second Life viewer works — you know, “it goes in here and comes out there” — set out in such a simplistic manner that you see how it is done, even though you know it takes a whole lot of magic to make it all happen.

Kirsten’s exhibit is on the Impressive sim – very apropos.

The tour cars are still running, just click on a passing car and hop on. Prepare to be impressed with all the incredible builds at the SL8B.

On June 23, 2011, Second Life will be eight years old. The annual birthday bash [SL8B] kicks off on Monday, June 20th at 10:00 a.m. SLT. The talent and creativity of the exhibitors each year never ceases to amaze me.

The theme this year is centered around that magical moment when you realized just how amazing Second Life really is, when you understood its potential to change your life and the lives of other Residents. It is what you think of as an “Ah-Ha” moment.

Another annual addiction is the not-to-be-missed December hunt put together by Sequoia Nightfire, the Peace on Earth Hunt. It is the only hunt I actually try to complete. My patience is sorely tested on hunts, and I usually just cherry-pick for shapes, skin and hair.

I am the first to admit that I am a shapes addict and a skin whore. So, the annual Skin and Shapes Expo, held earlier this month, is high on my must-do list. The Expo is an excellent way to discover a new flavor-of-the-month designer, a chance to find new creators who can satisfy your craving for a new look, a different look.

This year, I added a fourth event to my annual list, the Fantasy Faire. Every thought I never thought, but wished I had, was made real at the Faire. The creators at the Faire understand the magic of Second Life. I look forward to seeing many of them creating again at the SL8B birthday bash.

So, mark your calendars for June 20th at 10:00 a.m. SLT. Time passes quickly in Second Life and you don’t want to miss a minute of the magic.

Have you seen those little aqua colored ribbons in and around the nine sims of the Fantasy Faire? They contain prizes donated by the Faire vendors. Just pay the listed cost (between 10L and 100L) and take home prizes worth up to $L1000. New prizes are being hidden each day.

And don’t forget to stop by the Auctions area. There are only two days left to bid on unique and/or one-of-a-kind creations by the generous creators at the Faire.

Mystic Hope has two excellent roleplay outfits up for auction, Healing Witch Violet for the ladies and Shalims Dragon Blue for the gents.

Just teleport over to Fantasy Faire Central, Auctions and walk back to the auctions area (or use the handy teleport at Central).

Choose your fantasy genre — Fairy, Elven, Magic, Mermaid, Goth, Demon, Vamp, Neko, Micro, Steampunk, or Sci-Fi. For the next six days, you can find them all in one place – at the Fantasy Faire. This nine-sim event is produced by Friends Fighting Cancer for the Relay for Life of Second Life.

Start your fantasy journey by teleporting to “Fantasy Faire Central” to pick up your FREE Welcome Kit.

Using the teleport board at Central, teleport over to the Fantastical and Magical sim. Your first stop, The Arcanum. Pick up the Wishmaster Spell HUD, the most highly regarded spell HUD in Second Life. It will protect you on your fantasy journey.

A fantasy journey requires the right clothing. Stop by Mystic Hope and choose from a wide selection of roleplay-yourplay clothing. In the RFL vendor is a beautiful violet outfit, called Anfaela.

Your next stop, ShaNoodle’s Hair, for magical animated flexi hair, lovely colors to match your Anfaela outfit.

Now, you need the newly-released Fantasy Glow Eyes at Ibanez.

Next, stop by Hidden Treasure of Dragon and pick up the Honu pendant – male and female pendants included – something beautiful for yourself and your beloved, and contribute to the fight against Cancer at the same time.

Perhaps, you want to become something other than human – a tiger, mermaid, bee, crocodile, or a horse. At AX Anthro & Fantasy Avatars, you can choose an otherwordly shape to continue your fantasy journey.

Did we forget anything? Not to worry – there are eight more sims to be explored. You will surely find what you need in one of them.

It is said that Hawaiian jewelry brings you happiness. The delicate beauty of the Honu (Sea Turtle) Necklace is sure to bring you happiness each time you look at it. Honu is a part of the Hawaiian memory of Salfa Merlin, creator of this lovely jewelry.

Salfa is participating in the Fantasy Faire 2011, on the Fantastical and Magical sim. She lives in Japan and states, “Japan is suffering from earthquakes, tsunami and nuclear fears. Now, I cannot ignore cancer.”

Join with Salfa and the other merchants at the Fantasy Faire, in their efforts to help Friends Fighting Cancer meet their goal of raising $20,000 USD for Relay for Life. The Fantasy Faire opens April 2nd [Search for “Fantasy Faire Central” on the map].

Visit the Hidden Treasure of Dragon store on the Fantastical and Magical sim. Purchase the Honu (Sea Turtle) Necklace. Included in your purchase are male and female versions of Honu. Matching earrings are also available, and can currently be won in the Lucky Board at the Hidden Treasure of Dragon main store.

Hidden Treasure of Dragon is also available on the SL Marketplace.

For further information about Fantasy Faire 2011, visit the FFC Fantasy Faire 2011 website.

Or contact Captain Ember Farina or Co-Captain Zander Greene in SL
or by email – FantasyFaireSL@gmail.com

There is a lot to be said about a collective consciousness, when a group of people put their minds together and work for a common cause. Great things happen, even miracles. It happened last year when the Relay for Life of SL [RFL] raised almost $275,000 USD to support the American Cancer Society’s vision of a world without cancer.

Friends Fighting Cancer (FFC) have transformed nine sims for the Fantasy Faire, which runs from Saturday, April 2nd to Sunday, April 10th, 2011. FFC’s goal for 2011 is to raise $20,000 USD for RFL. The Faire is made possible by the generous support of Sim Sponsors and Event Sponsors.

Zachh Barkley, creator of “The Arcanum,” is Sponsor for the Fantastical and Magical Sim. Since 2006, The Arcanum has been Second Life’s most trusted shop for spells, wands, huds, and other magical trinkets, Zachh states that he draws his inspiration from writing, music, books, experience, knowledge, poetry, and imagination.

When speaking of his involvement with FFC and Fantasy Faire 2011, Zachh said, “I want people to know that Charity is not some big scary monster trying to eat your bank account. You don’t have to cut off an arm and a leg to make a difference in the world. Charity can be fun, invigorating, and really quite rewarding. Every little bit helps, so if all you can donate is a dollar or five, toss it in. You’ll never regret doing so.”

Join the collective consciousness on April 2nd. Do your part to make a miracle happen by visiting Fantasy Faire 2011 [Search for “Fantasy Faire Central” on the map].

For further information, visit the FFC Fantasy Faire 2011 website.

Or contact Captain Ember Farina or Co-Captain Zander Greene in SL
or by email – FantasyFaireSL@gmail.com

And while you are waiting for the Faire to begin, stop by The Arcanum and let Zachh Barkley know that you appreciate his efforts in making the Fantasy Faire possible. And spend some time exploring his incredible sim.

Yes, it has been grand.  The designers in SL have outdone themselves this year with the gifts they prepared for all of us, and with the innovative ways they presented them to us.

The people at Le.Look gave us two complete avatars, male and female.  Every day, a new item was added to the avatar and every day, we clicked again and again, trying to teleport to a sim that was full most of the time. 

But, the feeling of elation when we click and, magically, the teleport goes through!  All of a sudden, we are like kids again, running to open our presents.  And when we get there, we find the place is lagged down with others running for the same presents.  It’s like opening day for a grid-wide hunt — full of frustration and fun and not to be missed.

LeLutka skin, Belleza skin, Bax Boots, Hoorenbeek boots, Find Ash hair — these are only a few of the top quality items we received as presents from the Le.Look merchants. 

When great designers come together on a project like this, everyone benefits.  Except maybe the designers who have shops in the Le.Look sim.  I am sure they had no customers for the last two weeks, as it would have been impossible to anyone to get in to the sim to shop.

That is what made this project so unique.  Not only did they give us great products, but they gave up sales so that we could have this holiday present.

The Le.Look project was unique in presentation, the items from the participating designers were top quality, and the entire concept was tremendously successful.  Well done, designers.  Can’t wait to see what you do  next year to top this one.

The Burning Life festival is over, but the BL exhibits are still open to the public. 

And you can still pick up all the freebies until November 1st – freebies provided by the exhibitors at the Burning Life festival. 

A large collection of freebies has been put inside the green tent at the Art Department site ( Burning Life-Zero Mile 37, 106, 24).  Sandbags of all shapes and colors are piled high in the tent, and each sandbag contains a freebie – some are Burning Life related, others are for your everyday use.

There is something for everyone inside the tent – even for a little pink fairy.

Freebies - Burning Life 2009

Sometimes, with the best of intentions, we start a project and then run into a wall.  Oftentimes, that wall is in the real world.

We get sidetracked, delayed, interrupted, and the longer our project remains unfinished, the harder it is to pick it back up.

Today is a good day to pick up FlatLand Metaverse.